IBD sharing rates across length thresholds

Some time ago, we received a request in response to our sharing rate plots for relatives with ≥ 7 cM segments to also plot rates for ≥ 5 cM segments. Instead of just calculating the rates for one more threshold, it seemed good to include several different lengths. Thus we now have a IBD sharing rates tool that allows a user to select from seven different length thresholds that range from ≥ 0 cM to ≥ 20 cM.

In other news, we have been working on extending HAPI to reconstruct the X chromosome, and the results so far are quite good! Stay tuned for updates—we will email the mailing list when this is online. (See the subscription box below.)

Thanks to Belinda Dettmann for asking about sharing rates for ≥ 5 cM segments and to Leah Larkin for asking for rates using longer segments.

Amy WilliamsAmy Williams is an associate professor of Computational Biology at Cornell University. Her research focuses on using DNA to help individuals uncover their genealogical relationships. The tools on this website include work she has co-authored with several students.
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