HAPI: reconstruct raw data for one parent

The name of this site, HAPI-DNA, is derived from the software HAPI, a tool to phase two parents and their children. The Williams lab has recently been developing an extension of HAPI (called HAPI2) that works when only one parent’s raw data is available. Phasing in this way works by reconstructing data for the missing parent—the children’s phased haplotypes from the missing parent reveal his or her raw data.

The tool on this page can reconstruct the raw data when you input data for one parent and three or more children. The more children you use, the more complete and accurate the reconstruction will be. While we have made every effort for this tool to produce accurate output, it comes with no guarantees. We also cannot control the decisions of other sites who may choose to disallow uploading of these data. Use at your own risk. Also see our blog post about HAPI for some technical details and answers to questions.

This code is under active development and does not yet reconstruct the parent's X, Y, or mitochondrial chromosomes. Please join our (very low traffic) mailing list below to learn when improvements are available.
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Please unzip the raw data and input it unmodified in either .txt or .csv format. (For .csv files, do not load the file into a spreadsheet first. If needed, download the raw data again.)

Step 1. Input parent: